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The party guide helps plan a themed Texas Holdem event with ideas, tips in the food departments, creative crafts, and clever conversation chats, menus, recipes, cookies, cakes and food labels. Free printable games, puzzles, place name cards and coloring pages.

Throwing a Texas Holdem party and in need of some music? Singing, dancing and having a great time with family and friends is what most celebrations are supposed to be like. Therefore, finding the right melodies and tunes for those special events is very important. From rock and country to jazz and blues, getting together with friends and celebrating great times or special events will make your event very popular. Choose songs that refer to gambling in general or poker for the Taxes Holdem party.

Deal 'em Again - Christopher Cross
Luck Be a Lady - Frank Sinatra
Tumbling Dice - Rolling Stones
The Jack - AC/DC
The Gambler - Kenny Rogers
Deal - Grateful Dead
The Stranger - Leonard Cohen
No Cheap Thrill Suzanne Vega
Ace Of Spades – MotorHead
Ace In The Hole - George Strait
Go Down Gambling - Blood, Sweat and Tears
Lazy Poker Blues - Fleetwood Mac
Ramblin, Gamblin Man - Bob Seger & The Slver Bullet Man

Obviously, there are literally dozens of music options which reference poker or gambling. Texas Holem is a fun game to play, especially against those who not very good. To ensure everyone is involved in the Texas Holdem fun, include a wide range of party supplies and other games for children to enjoy. While Texas Holdem is for adults primarily, invite friends and family over for a casino night theme party. Include casino theme party supplies such as cutouts, banners, and decorate the party area like a real casino. Inspirational thought: Make sure the camera has batteries that are charged and extras on hand for backup. Simple and well prepared food is often much better received at a gathering than complicated dished that don't quite hit the mark. The right favors given to the guests will allow them to remember that day many years from now.

Handmade party supplies like personalized signs, foldable dice and handmade chips along with party goods such as cowboy hats, boots and beer mugs will add a lot of variety to your Texas Holdem party. Sensational get-togethers often involve designing and preparing in advance for the occasion. Most often color arrangements and other needed supplies will add to the celebration and make a great addition to the event. Nearly all hosts will find that fun décor and color schemes are the perfect perks for the event. This addition will give the celebration a really cool appearance.Other homemade party supplies such as personalized door curtains, banners and centerpieces along with cowboy hats, bandanas, beer mugs, feathered boas, inflatable dice, sunglasses, and decks of cards will be welcomed additions to this party. In addition to these party supplies, personalized beer mugs, chips and country music will set the stage for the Texas Hold’em game.

These Texas Holdem party supplies in addition to party goods such as paper plates, cups and napkins will benefit your Texas Holdem party. While playing Texas Holdem your guests may enjoy winning prizes such as Frisbees, glow sticks, playing cards, hats and temporary tattoos. Most often, customary Texas Holdem party supplies such as cards, Texas Holdem chips, party streamers, balloons, costume jewelry, noise makers and party banners are made especially for this party.

As with other parties, Texas Holdem homemade party supplies such as personalized banners, garden flags, homemade bandanas and party goods such as tableware(paper plates, napkins, cups, etc…) will give your Texas Holdem party a special touch. Most people will find that a Texas Holdem party is no comparison to other party’s they have had in the past.

Most people will find that a deliciously and wonderfully themed cake is needed for any Texas Holdem theme party! This fast paced celebration is the ideal time for creative desserts and other party foods designed especially for this celebration. These items are always a great addition to a celebration and most often fun like cakes that are designed especially for this celebration will make everyone feel very special. More often than not, these great party foods and desserts will add a lot of fun to the celebrated event. To create fun foods and desserts most hosts will need to think outside the box and utilize any party supplies or other items that might be lying around your house. You will be pleasantly surprised how wonderfully your birthday, celebration or game day cake turns out.

There are many ideas for the Texas Holdem theme but one of the most popular ideas is to turn the cake into a Texas Holdem poker table! This is easier to do than you think. It can be accomplished with icing or homemade fondant. Include poker chips, cards, cigars, beer and more, depending on the age group the cake is targeted to.

Looking for something more elaborate? Try adding a wild west twist to the Texas Holdem theme. Add some cowboy hats, a hay bale and more. Liven up the surroundings of the cake with multiple party supplies to add more excitement.

Another idea would be to create a specialty cake such as a fruit filled cake, chocolate overload cake, lemon-cake and more. You might even want to make a cheesecake. Although these do not scream Texas Holdem, they will be highly welcome to all guests due to their delicious taste!

A Texas Holdem Party may be just the excuse, I mean theme, and you were looking for to have as an accent to a great beer party. Invite the guys over for a couple of cold ones and a good game of Texas Holdem. For those who don’t all ready know Texas Holdem is a type of poker game with a few variations for group play. To keep the game easy going and light make bets with pennies or beers instead of money. The guys will appreciate the chance to enjoy a game with the worry of losing their paychecks in the process. From making a guest list to preparing the food, having a plan will make the celebration go off without a hitch. Simple hostess tip: Prepare for the entire celebration in advance and avoid adding any extra commitments or stress on the hostess during the preparation period. This simple tip will ensure that the hostess has a stress free and very entertaining time during the actual celebration.

However most beer parties don’t just involve the guys, gals enjoy drinking a few cold ones with their friends as well. Go ahead and make the event into a grand Texas Holdem party with lots of prizes and decorations. You might as well throw in the food while you are at it too. The best decorations for gambling and drinking parties are led lights and glowsticks. To wow you friends at the party, serve them drinks in plastic led light up wine glasses and shot glasses. Hand out glowsticks and bracelets to your guests as they arrive to the party so they can add to the decorative atmosphere.

Some prizes can be excellent items for the guests to compete for at the Texas Holdem party. Give everyone a pre-set amount of chips and let them bid with them in the games. At the end of the party they can turn in their chips to get different levels of prizes at the party. Prizes can be the led glasses, feather boas, fuzzy dice, sunglasses, and decks of cards.

Also don’t forget to add some country western music to your party. The guests will enjoy the atmosphere it creates and they may even want to get up to dance now and then.

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Texas Holdem History, Facts and Educational Resources

Add an educational twist to any birthday party, holiday celebration, or theme party.  Share the history of the Texas Holdem theme to the guests.  Play some free printable educational party games.  Shhh don't tell the kids that they are learning!

Knowing how to play the game of texas hold’em boils down to three things, know the history of gambling and the card games as well as two main rules. But as you get ready to start planning a poker game night party or event, you will want to be sure that you have the chips, dip, all of the necessary refreshments and your poker face on. Keeping the celebration lively and very entertaining as well as educational is important for guests of all ages. Sensational activities and other worksheets are a great way of bringing fun and entertainment to the event. More often than not, these activities will add a great deal to the overall celebration.

Texas hold ‘em is not a game for the weak so when you plan your event night, or poker game night, know how to play, and who you are playing with. The fact is the two cards you are holding in your hand are the only things differing you from the other players, and lastly remember that to keep your eyes open and pay attention to your player’s cards. Game night can always be fun, but know the game, the history and play to win! If you are unsure what to do with the kids, set them up with their own card table and teach the kids how to play GO FISH, UNO, MASH or a few other card games and watch as their anticipation grows to graduate up the big peoples card game and then you will have more Texas Hold’em players for later down the road. This is one of those house parties that can easily turn into a weekly event if planned right. What a great way to unwind after a long work week! Start your own weekly card party and learn to relax. Get creative by using poster board and LED lights to make your own light up banner or message. If your special occasion for the kids includes face painting be sure to check with their parent first. Get creative by using poster board and LED lights to make your own light up banner or message. The history of Texas Holdem has different interpretations by each person, so use your own judgement. Share these facts with friends at a celebration.
The Party Supplies Hut has more free elementary educational teacher resources for Texas Holdem to use in the classroom for active learning to create lesson plans with trivia questions, games and fun activities.

History of Texas Holdem
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