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Wine Tasting Party Guide
Free Printable Invitations & Placename Cards

Fancy up the table with these free printable party invitations to match a Wine Tasting Theme celebration.  On a budget?  Instantly print these free printable invitations. Plus, enjoy the party invitation ideas to make your event extra special.

A wine tasting is a beautiful and elegant celebration that revolves around the sampling of the finest spirits; and, of course, the mailing of the most beautiful and sophisticated party invitations! This is a good time to look to their past. When thinking about doing this when in the planning process.

Stock Invitations
Stock Invitations are a virtual must for a wine tasting, which is a lovely and refined celebration of food, friendship, and of course fine spirits; so it might be a good idea to select a top quality stock paper invite in a rich hue of red or purple--the deep, radiant hues that people often associate with wine. Alternately, an ivory-hued card emblazoned with images of grapes, bubbly wine glasses, crystalline bottles and other related symbols would also work. Communicating what is going to happen is important if there is to be anyone coming.

Thank You Notes
As a wine tasting tends to be an upper end and very civilized function, thank you notes should definitely be sent out following the celebration; furthermore, they should be printed on high quality (preferably stock) paper, and should boast both attractive, tasteful colors and calligraphy style print. People enjoy hearing or seeing in print the words thank you, as it means they were welcomed.

Unique Invitations
Unique Invitations for a wine tasting could take a number of shapes and forms; one creative invite, for example, could take the form of a plastic or paper mache wine bottle. Guests could uncork the bottle to access a scroll imprinted with all the party particulars (i.e., the time, date, place and day of the party, what to bring, how to dress, etc.) Another unique invitation could come in the shape of a plump green or purple grape, which guests could peel to access this same information. Finally remember to check of this from the list of things to do once sent out. A red carpet can be a real rug, or made of felt, silk, or faux rose petals. Avoid stress and frustration by planning your soiree well in advance. A red carpet can be a real rug, or made of felt, silk, or faux rose petals.

Instantly print Wine Tasting theme matching placename cards to use on the dinner table or the buffet table. Even the most casual events will be ahhhhh'd by your friends with these amazing freebies!

Wine Tasting Placename Cards
Free Easy to Print
Wine Tasting Placename Cards!

Keep your eye on the fun! Start the event weeks, even months in some cases, in advance with the organization. Create the shopping lists, food list (from the menu), supplies list and miscellaneous. Try not to do anything on the day of the festivities that is not necessary (especially errands). You create the fun so introduce the guests to each other even if they 'kind of' know each other. Have a few Wine Tasting conversation starters memorized from our guide. Play appropriate music in the background also in this guide. Tie the whole celebration together and save money by using this guide.

Start of the festivities budget minded! No need to have a contest on who can spend the most... so set the trend. Pick and choose wisely where to spend your dollars.
Wine Tasting Printable Invitation
Free Printable Wine Tasting Invitations

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