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Add a finishing touch to a Wine Tasting Theme party with a free printable activity including word search, word find, and word scrambles plus coloring pages.  Or just play these free party games fun for both kids and adults.

FUN PARTY GAMES Not Me Never! Mix truths, fibs and candy. Could a party have a better combination? It's really fun at a wine tasting. This occasion, while elegant, does not have to be somber. You can also put up decor in the form of theme related winetasting party supplies. Just the right accents can make all the difference. To play the game, give each guest a set number of miniature tootsie rolls, jellybeans, or caramels – just make sure it’s something yummy. People love to enjoy their wine with sweets. Then the first person makes a statement about themselves that starts with “I Never . . . Nope. Not me. Never. “ If for example the person said “I have never kissed a boy. Nope. Not me. Never!” Anyone else that has never kissed a boy has to eat a piece of their candy. Guests may be curious to see who eats and who refrains! Everyone will get the opportunity to take at least one turn –hopefully more. Keep playing until someone ends up with the most candy and everyone else had eaten theirs. The one with the most candy left is the winner. Another great party game idea is a adult party game. This is fitting for a wine tasting, an adult event. Use chair covers to transform chairs into decorative pieces while increasing the comfort level of the chairs. A unique favor that guests will enjoy is a small booklet with the recipes for the dishes served at the shindig. Colorful balloons placed around the room or area will bring a lot of smiles to kids faces, even more so when they get to leave with one.
Simple instructions to Theme party games to perfectly fit a Wine Tasting celebration.
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Wine Tasting Party Games

Guess the Wine: Select four bottles of wine and place each in a colored bag. Pour a glass for each guest and have them write the type of wine it is based on color and taste alone. If you want to get overly tricky select the same type of wine i.e. Chardonnay and have them guess the vineyard. This of course would be for the strongest of palates. The winner gets to take home a bottle of their choice!

Create a magical time at the Wine Tasting party. Print right from your printer these free party games, puzzles and activities. Choose a free printable game or coloring page:

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 Pair the Cheese and Wine Set out three types of wine and four types of specialty cheeses. Have each guest sample the wine and select the best pairing of cheese and wine. On note cards, write down the most popular combinations for the wine and cheese parings and send a card home with each guest. They can use this card for their next party or intimate gathering. For cheeses that can only be purchased at specialty stores, provide the store name to the guests so they can readily find it.

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