Free Printable Woodstock Party Invitations & Placename Cards

Fancy up the table with these free printable party invitations to match at Woodstock Theme celebration.  On a budget?  Instantly print these free printable invitations. Plus, enjoy the party invitation ideas to make your event extra special.
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Hand Designed Woodstock Invitations
Woodstock is a milestone in American history. Use hand designed invitations that are cutouts of guitars. They make a perfect symbol of Woodstock. Put the peace symbol on the guitar and musical notes. On the back list two or three of the artists that sang at Woodstock. For example: Jefferson Airplane, Jimi Hendrix, the Grateful Dead, the Who, Janis Joplin all appeared at Woodstock and all are icons of that festival. You could use light colored poster board for the guitar and along with the peace symbol write out a very brief history of just what Woodstock was. Three sentences will do. This may be important, depending on the ages of the guests.

Free Printable Invitations
Free printable invitations will work well for a Woodstock party. You can use almost any musically graphic. Consider using graphics of guitars, drum sets, a silhouette of a music group, a silhouette of a female singer or music notes. All of these would be great Woodstock images. It would be good to use a peace sign too. Because free printable invitations save money, they are great for party planners on a budget. The resources they free up can then be put into decorations, party supplies or food.

Hand Delivered Party Invites
Hand delivering Woodstock party invitations would be really fun for both the guests and the host. Dress in blue jeans, with a bandana tied around your head and wear a top or t-shirt with a large peace symbol on it. You will look like you are on your way to Woodstock. When you greet you guest try saying something like “ Peace man” and make the peace hand with your hand.

Instantly print Woodstock theme matching placename cards to use on the dinner table or the buffet table.
Woodstock Placename Cards

Free Quickly Print Placename Cards!

Woodstock Printable Invitation
Free Printable Woodstock Invitations

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