Educational Woodstock Theme Party

Enjoy the Woodstock party by adding an educational learning experience. A festive party can be had with an educational twist.
Woodstock Theme Party Supplies . 200+ Educational Party Ideas

The Woodstock party theme will work well for almost any age group, but works especially well for anyone who is old enough to remember the Woodstock era. This is the perfect opportunity for a costume party, and oldies Rock and Roll. If you have chosen a Woodstock Party theme, consider making it an educational history refresher course disguised as a party. Organize Protest Poster paintings. Try to recall old slogans, issues, and mottoes of the day, and give prizes for the most original posters, the most artistic posters, and the most worth modern day causes.

Another good educational activity that will roll back the curtain of the present to reveal a past that ushered in today is to play a rousing game of “Who Said That?” Guests may divide up into teams, or if the guest list is relatively small, guests may play individually. Just allow each guest or player to sing the lyrics of a Woodstock era song, recite a peace slogan or famous quote. You can make this a bit more challenging by allowing the opposing team to have a chance to steal points by identifying the person who said the quote or sang/wrote the song. You just keep playing until the teams run out of ideas for quotes or lyrics, and the one with the most points is the Woodstock winner!

Another fun game is a spin off of Name That Tune. Players may play in teams or individually. A person must be designated as the disc jockey. That person begins by playing a portion of a popular Woodstock era song and then stop the song at a particular point, allowing the player to finish the next five or six words in the song. If they make no mistakes in the lyrics, they move on to the next round until only one player remains, and wins the game.

For a fun Woodstock theme party, the Party Supplies Hut has all your Woodstock party themed supplies. Woodstock Party brings back the memories and music of the 1960s. Play music by Jimi Hendrix; Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young, and Janis Joplin. Tie dye fabric makes a wonderful table cover for the party as well as napkins. Create a happy face mural for the walls. As always it's fun to dress up like hippies. Party Theme combining is a clever way to make your event unique and extra special. Take your guests into the world of the Woodstock theme party by following the party theme throughout the party. Create a feeling of Woodstock Theme Party.


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