Free Hanukkah Word Find Printable Game

Hanukkah is a time for people of the Jewish faith to get together and feast. The children play games, as well, and it might be a good time to introduce free Hanukkah word find printable games. These games hide the words that pertain to Hanukkah, and itís great fun for kids to find them.

Free Hanukkah Word Find Puzzle

Printable Hanukkah Word Find by

t h g i e r o e k p
i i t l a e i r a m
i m c a n d l e s m
h e t v b i a l s m
a n o i t b e t i a
n o i t i d a r t t
u r e s i r a h e a
k a e e j c a p s n
k h r f l e a r s i
a d j e w i s h t p
h s y r i a n e m k
candles dreidel eight
festival Hanukkah Israel
Jewish menorah miracle
oil pinata shabbat
star Syrian tradition

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Hanukkah Word Find by

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